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Flag Day Message from John Eales


September 3 is officially proclaimed as 'Australian National Flag Day' to commemorate the day in 1901 on which our flag was first flown.

All Australians are encouraged to make a special effort to fly or display our flag for this special anniversary. Read the message below from the Queensland Premier talking about the proud history of our flag (especially at the Olympics), and encouraging Queenslander to honour our most important national symbol..

Many cities and towns around Australia hold a special flag raising ceremony to mark ‘Flag Day’; all are welcome at the following events for which we have details:

CANBERRA   Wednesday August 31 at 10.30am , Aust. War Memorial - Special Ceremony with Federation Guard, including school children

SYDNEY     Thursday September 1 at noon, Martin Place

IPSWICH    Friday September 2 at 9am,  Ipswich Central SS, 2a Griffith Rd – Special assembly with giant Parliament House flag

LOGAN       Friday September 2 at 9.30am, Loganholme SS, 3 Wandilla Cres, Loganholme

BRISBANE NORTHSIDE Friday September 2 at 11am, Northside Christian College, 151 Flockton Street, Everton Park

HOBART  Friday September 2 at noon, Lunch at Parliament House - booking required. 

BRISBANE CBD   Saturday September 3 at 9.15 for 9.30am, King George Square - Flag Raising Ceremony hosted by Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

CABOOLTURE   Sat Sept 3 at 10am , Caboolture Historical Village - Grand Parade and Free Open Day to honour our flag's 115th 'birthday'

TOWNSVILLE   Sunday Sept 4 at 10am,  Flinders Street Flagpole (opp Northtown Building), hosted by Dep. Mayor Cr Les Walker, all welcome.


However if you cannot make it to an event, or if there is no ceremony in your area, then you can still celebrate on 3 September:

 Fly the flag and/or wear a flag badge or sticker;

 Encourage your local school to arrange special flag raising assemblies so that students gain an appreciation of the history and significance of our flag;

 Ask your local MP or Councillor to put out a press release urging local residents, businesses, & organisations to make a special effort to fly the flag on 3 September; &

 Suggest that service organisations, sporting clubs and scout/guide troops etc holding meetings around 3 September should raise the flag or otherwise make special mention of Flag Day at the beginning or end of proceedings.

Or perhaps you can just take the chance to learn more about our flag’s history. A wealth of information about ‘Flag Day’, and about the unique story of the Australian flag, can be found at the “home page” for the Australian flag - www.australianflag.org.au

We’re all proud of our country and it is on days such as “Flag Day” that we can show it!



The 2016 Rio Olympics reminded us all of the patriotic power of a flag.  Whenever one was raised in front of the winners' podium, accompanied by a stirring anthem, pride swept across an entire nation and rested on the face of its gold medal−winning athlete.  The Australian flag has been raised 147 times since the Modem Olympics began, 346 times at the Paralympics, five times at the Winter Olympics, 11 times at the Winter Paralympics, and

an impressive 852 times at the Commonwealth Games since 1930.  Each and every time it has climbed the mast, Australians in the grandstands and back home have felt that swell of emotion that unites us as a people − the pride of being Australian.  As Queensland eagerly prepares for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, we

look forward to feeling that feeling, even more intensely and many times over, on home soil.  Today, on Australian National Flag Day, I encourage Queenslanders to honour our most important o f national symbols by reflecting on the many thousands o f achievements that the raising of our flag has marked since 1901, both in and out of the sporting arena.





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 Fly our Flag with Pride!

 Few Australians know the unique and proud story of our flag –the only national flag to fly over an entire continent, but also the first to be chosen in an open public competition. Following federation in 1901, the new Commonwealth government arranged a competition to choose a flag for the new nation, and entries were submitted from nearly 1% of the population at that time. Five people tied for the honour of designing the Australian flag - Annie Dorrington, Ivor Evans, Leslie Hawkins, Egbert Nuttall, and William Stevens.  The winning design was unveiled on 3 September, which has been officially proclaimed as Australian National Flag Day. 


We’re all proud of our country and we can fly our flag to show it!


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